The Rowrin are small felines, much like a domestic housecat, but with human or better intelligence and exceptional talent with magic. The Rowrin typically pair themselves with a compatible humanoid “familiar” in order to better associate with bipedal society. The familiar also shares the cat’s magical abilities.

There are those who don’t trust the Rowrin and who suspect that they have some ulterior motive. In extreme cases they don’t trust any cats, suspecting that they are all Rowrin spies. There may indeed be spies among us….

The Rowrin have a single city on their peninsula called Rethrowrinport, famous for its school of magic.

There are different breeds of Rowrin, though breeding is planned less to be true to the breed and more to produce strong magegift. This has backfired somewhat in that it has produced magegifted nobles with recessive genetic disorders, blindness, and deafness,

The Rowrin language has not developed dialects since the race has never spread far from their home peninsula. The main languages used are Rowrin and Old Rowrin, which is used exclusively in magical research and legal and government documents.

Sanitation and maintenance in Rethrowrinport are handled through magical means, or by mechano-magical constructs. All Rowrin are educated in the basic humanities until their magegift expresses itself, at which point they either go to the college of magic, or they find a job in the city.

Not all Rowrin are capable of becoming powerful mages – they can all cast spells, but only a moderately small percentage will ever become powerful wizards.

The Rowrin government is made up of a council of noble mages who make all the major decisions. They are advised by another council made up of community leaders and businessmen.

Mostly through public works, there are few Rowrin who don’t fall into the middle class of workers and businessmen. Those who live outside of these social structures do so willingly. The upper class is made up of the noble families, all of whom are wizards.

While the Rowrin hold something of a monopoly on quality magic items, that is not all that they can offer. The resources of the northern forest are available to trade, as well as mines worked by magical means or automata.

The Rowrin have good relations with the Vols, who they met first, and the Nani, who they prefer for Familiars. All other races are neutrally met.


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