Heavily muscled and huge, the Ogrin are notoriously violent towards outsiders. They live in the foothills between the Ash Mountains and the western seacoast.

There are several ethnic sub-groups of Ogrin, defined as Brown Ogrin, Black Ogrin, and Red Ogrin. For no known reason, these groups are constantly fighting each other. The distinctions between them are entirely cosmetic. Each ethnic group speaks its own dialiect, but these dialects are largely understandable by other speakers of the language.

Religion = ???

The Ogrin have little to no geopolitical infrastructure. They are a tribal people, with the strongest taking the position of warlord. Tribes raise their young to fighting age at which point they are on their own. All Ogrin are expected to fight. Conflicts are settled head to head, through combat or, more rarely, negotiation.

The Ogrin are a hunter-gatherer society. They have little trade except what they find, steal, or are paid to work as soldiers or thugs.

Ogrin are generally hostile to all other races that they encounter. Some individuals, and occasionally tribes, are open to taking work in foreign militaries or mercenary units , but they may end up being just as harmful to their employers as to their enemies.


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