The Dothreki are a small, tailed, bipedal lizard-like race that are most common in the Fenlands and Mud Flats. Their scales range from green through brown to red. They are a primitive tribal people without cities or sophisticated civilization, preferring to live in small extended family groups. Now found everywhere, the Dothreki are commonly considered to be a pest to be eradicated due to their voracious appetites for trouble as well as livestock.

There is little ethnic variation among the Dothreki, though coloration tends to follow along tribal lines, and there is a great deal of tribal pride. Thre is some competition along color/pattern lines, but little actual violence.

The Dothreki worship the Earth, specifically the mud from which they were created. They hold the Mud Flats to be holy ground.

There is little infrastructure in Dothreki society. Pups are educated by their parents and tribe and learn what they need from the world. The Dothreki rarely trade and don’t build roads, using wilderness tracks or rivers and streams to travel from place to place. Nani roads are too often travelled by other peoples who would do them harm.

The Dothreki are a tribal people and government is addressed either person to person or is administered by the tribal leader. Larger tribes may have a tribal council.

The Dothreki are a hunter-gatherer economy with little to trade to other societies. They scavenge some few valuables from traided villages, or caravans they have attacked or stolen from.

Every Dothreki of age is expected to contribute to the defense of the tribe.

The Dothreki are scavengers, opportunists, and raiders. That fact alone makes them a nuisance if not an outright threat to other societies. The Dothreki seldom have peaceful relations with other races or civilized society.


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